Monday, June 24, 2019

When to Repair Vs. Replace a Damaged Windshield

When a vehicle’s windshield is damaged, drivers face the choice of having their windshield repaired or completely replaced. While many drivers hope the problem can be fixed with a repair because it’s the less expensive option, there are times when a replacement is inevitable and is safer to do sooner rather than later. Here are the factors to consider when making this decision.

How Big Is the Crack?

close view of a cracked windshield

A car’s windshield is actually made of two pieces of glass with a thin layer of plastic in the middle. Because of this, a chip or crack that is limited to just that outer layer doesn’t compromise the entire windshield and can most likely be repaired. If the crack or chip is large or deep enough, however, it probably compromises the structural integrity of the windshield and safety mandates replacement. Further, a crack or chip that goes all the way through the plastic to the inner layer of glass can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced. Putting off windshield replacement will cause it to grow slowly over time as wind pressure pushes against it.

Where Is the Damage?

Another important factor in the replace or repair debate is where the damage is located. Even a relatively small chip that’s right in the driver’s line of sight can present an impediment to safe driving, which necessitates replacing the windshield. If the damage extends to the outer edge of the glass, it should also be replaced. The windshield becomes a load-bearing plane in the event the car rolls, and a crack that extends to the edge may cause the windshield to crumple.

The best way to answer the windshield replacement vs. windshield repair question? Take your vehicle to a professional and get their expert opinion. Macc's Glass Inc. specializes in windshield replacement and a whole host of other glass replacement services in Macclenny, FL. We will assess your situation and give you our honest opinion on the best solution. Check out photos of some of our most recent work and contact us today for assistance.

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