Friday, August 2, 2019

Tips for Maintaining a Rat Rod

In the wide world of car culture, the rat rod has become a popular sub-genre of hot rods. While an exact definition of a rat rod may be hard to pin down, the concept is generally defined by a rejection of the glossy, showpiece hot rods of the late 80s and an embrace of more down-and-dirty authenticity. Their unique aesthetic makes maintaining rat rods a little different from other cars.

What Is a Rat Rod?

Black rat rod parked in the middle of brown grass field

Modern-day rat rod culture traces its roots back to the 1980s when the Pro Street hot rod style was reaching its peak. Pro Street cars were often loaded up with frills and glossy paint jobs that looked good but had nothing to do with making them faster. Rat rods were a direct reaction to this, with a focus not on looks but speed. Rat rods shun chrome and flash in favor of unrestored, often rusted parts that were usually pulled together from the spare parts of classic cars.

Rat Rod Maintenance

Because part of rat rod culture is the absence of sparkle, day-to-day maintenance isn't focused on deciding which wax to buy. Of course, rat rodders maintain their vehicles with care, but that care is primarily directed at the engine. Spare parts can be welded on by the owner. Dents and scratches can be hammered out or simply left as they are to add to the effect. Like other cars, maintaining a rat rod requires changing its oil every three months and regularly keeping an eye on tire pressure. Brake fluid should also be replaced periodically. Even if the rat rod is just a showpiece, it should be driven every couple of weeks to make sure everything's in working order.

While part of the rat rod look may be a preference for authentic pieces cobbled together from junkyards, that preference doesn't extend to windshields. Even the most diehard rat rod enthusiast would agree that the ability to drive the vehicle—and drive it fast—is critical to its appeal. So when it's time to replace a windshield, a trip to the pros is in order, not a trip to the Pick-n-Pull.

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