Friday, November 8, 2019

Five Trends in Glass Shower Doors and Enclosures

When it comes to bathroom design trends in 2019, two things are for sure: shower curtains are out, and so is the bathtub-shower combination. Outside of these two guidelines, the design possibilities are endless. For anyone looking to give their bathroom a facelift, these five trends have become popular with homeowners across the country.

For the Modernist: Transparent Doors

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Opaque glass doors were extremely popular in the ’90s, but they can make a bathroom look dated today. Many homeowners opt for transparent glass doors for their sleek look. Transparent doors can make a small shower appear larger and brighter, and they pair well with custom tiles.

For Privacy: Decorative Etched or Frosted Doors

One of the appeals of those old opaque doors was privacy. Decorative etched glass doors and frosted glass doors are trendy, semi-transparent options that don't sacrifice privacy or aesthetic charm.

For Added Style: Barn Door Shower Doors

Barn door shower doors slide past each other, offering easy access to the shower and a classic look for any bathroom. These doors can come in transparent or frosted glass and are an elegant addition to a home.

For Limited Space: Corner Enclosures

Most homeowners would love to trade in their bathtub-shower combinations for a trendier freestanding tub and large shower enclosure, but many families just don't have the space. A corner shower is the perfect way to save space and may even leave room for a soaking tub! Sliding and bifold shower doors also save more space than doors that open outward.

For the Minimalist: Frameless Doors

It seems that more people than ever are adopting a minimalist lifestyle, and that doesn't stop at the bathroom. Frameless doors minimize bulk and add elegance. Homeowners can say goodbye to those dated aluminum frames and hello to sleek, modern glass doors!

For Accessibility: Curbless Enclosures

Most showers have a ledge to step over, limiting their ease of access for those with limited mobility. With its frameless door and lack of ledge, a curbless enclosure integrates seamlessly into any bathroom. These shower enclosures create a spa-like experience and are easily accessible for virtually anyone.

Design Your Shower Door Today

You're the one who will be using your bathroom, so it's important to stay true to your personal style when renovating. Whatever you imagine for your new glass shower doors, Macc's Glass Inc. in Macclenny, FL can bring it to life. From transparent glass to custom designs, we can handle all your shower door, windshield, or commercial glass needs. View our gallery and call Macc's Glass Inc. today at 904-259-6070 to learn more.

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